A brief respite from reality

Back in our museum days, we often extolled the virtues of the mid-afternoon nap to our superiors, who for some reason remained unmoved. Now, courtesy of the international architectural firm kawamura-ganjavian, we’ve found the accessory of (or perhaps for) our dreams, the OSTRICH pocket pillow. No more crawling under your desk for that much-deserved bit of rest and relaxation—with the OSTRICH you can power-nap in “privacy”. NOTE: Others will still be able to see you.

OSTRICH on the website of kawamura-ganjavian
The firms does slightly larger contemplative spaces as well, including Room Under a Slag Heap

images: kawamura-ganjavian, OSTRICH, 2011; Room Under a Slag Heap, Turón, Spain, 2002-2004, collaboration with Maki Portilla-Kawamura, Tadanori Yamaguchi, and Pedro Escobio

thanks: Lynne Norella Tracy

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