And now for something a little different…

If the image from our last email seemed strangely familiar, it’s because we neglected to swap out the previous exhibition shot with an image for the new one. Arrgh – sorry about that!

To make amends, we are taking this opportunity to share a few bonus photos of some of Mary Hambleton’s wonderful work in the show. The exhibition will feature 20 of her works on paper, plus a large painting also by Hambleton, and an immersive video installation by Sara MacLean.



Hope to see you at the opening next Thursday! A Riveder le Stelle, curated by Heather Nicol, runs January 22–February 22, 2015.


above, left: Mary Hambleton, P-059 (detail), 2005; right: Sara MacLean, CHROMO2 (stills), 2014
artwork information for Hambleton’s works on paper coming soon

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