FLIGHTS & LANDINGS update + MAKE YOUR MARK community art project

Janine Miedzik, Blaze (detail), site-specific installation in the south stairwell at Artscape Youngplace

above: Janine Miedzik, Blaze (detail), site-specific installation in the south stairwell at Artscape Youngplace

FLIGHTS & LANDINGS is a Canadian Art magazine Must-See Show!
With three amazing site-specific installations in the large stairwells at Artscape Youngplace, plus a selection of smaller works by artists Tamara Gayer, Christine Gedeon, and Janine Miedzik in the third-floor project space (#302), FLIGHTS & LANDINGS has something for everyone. Visitors have been sharing their pictures all over the interwebs and we’ll be posting more pics soon — but truly, these works are meant to be experienced in person. The project space portion is open for just a few more weekends (stairwells to remain on view beyond exhibition close on April 19th). Don’t miss it!

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Presenting: FLIGHTS & LANDINGS | Tamara Gayer, Christine Gedeon, Janine Miedzik

Tamara Gayer, Here Come the Bombs, 2015

TYPOLOGY is pleased to present FLIGHTS & LANDINGS, a two-part exhibition of work by three multidisciplinary artists from three different cities: Brooklyn-based Tamara Gayer, Berlin-based Christine Gedeon, and Toronto-based Janine Miedzik. Known for their visually engaging, site-responsive approaches to installation, each artist will debut a large-scale project in one of the stairwell galleries at Artscape Youngplace (the Flights), complemented by a selection of smaller artworks representing object-oriented aspects of their practices in the project space (the Landings).

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Upcoming events at TYPOLOGY

A Riveder le Stelle is a Canadian Art Must-See Show!
Guest curator Heather Nicol’s exhibition-as-conversation, featuring Mary Hambleton and Sara MacLean, is on view for another two weeks. We’re open extended hours through February 22nd: Thursday–Sunday from 12–5 pm, so don’t miss it. More information on the exhibition page, here.

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Project space update: So much to celebrate and anticipate!


As 2014 winds down, we are both reflecting on what a fantastic first year TYPOLOGY has had in its home at Artscape Youngplace, and anticipating the exciting exhibitions and initiatives we’ve got planned for 2015. But before we get to our updates and invites, we’d first like to thank every one of our subscribers and followers for your continued interest, participation, and support. As the project space learns and grows, there’s much for our audiences to look forward to, including better and more streamlined communications, online shopping and submissions, and other opportunities to participate from near and far. Thanks for staying with us!

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Past (apologies), Future (events)


First, sorry about that Halloween-themed message from yesterday — we’re adjusting to some newness in our emailing program and it’s been a bit of a bumpy transition. Lessons are being learned and we appreciate your patience.

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Channeling the alien (or monster, or princess) within

Last week’s Alien Mask Workshop with Marta Ryczko was a smashing success — few are able to channel that inner stranger more enthusiastically and effectively than those in the grade school set. After a brief introduction to Ryczko’s haunting Alien/Recognition images in the exhibition, everyone set to work bringing their alter egos to life. Below are some of the soulful, spooky, or silly results, reproduced in black and white as an homage to Ryczko’s original images.

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Project space update: Nuit Blanche, new hours, next event!


Happy October, everyone! We’re into week 3 with Of Other Faces, and the show continues to get a great response from everyone who visits. Manuel Saiz’s video installation featuring actors moving in synchrony with animals is a compelling (and often funny) study in nature v. culture. Victoria Fu’s elegiac film projection restores the pathos to the selfie phenomenon, while Marta Ryczko’s transformed portraits elicit equal parts fascination and repulsion. And Andrea Cohen and Wiska Radkiewicz’s collaborative sound composition is akin to an aural hall of mirrors. Don’t miss this international, intergenerational, and interdisciplinary exhibition, which continues to October 25th!

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