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Presenting: Loose Ends | Mary Grisey, Faye Mullen, Jérôme Nadeau, Deborah Wang


January 14 — March 6, 2016

Each decay is a form of transformation into other living things, part of the great rampage of becoming that is also unbecoming. It is cruel, it is death, and it is also life, degeneration and regeneration, for nearly all living things live by the death of other things.

— Rebecca Solnit

TYPOLOGY is pleased to present Loose Ends, curated by Noa Bronstein and featuring sculpture, video, and photo-based works by Mary Grisey, Faye Mullen, Jérôme Nadeau, and Deborah Wang.

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Girl Germs: Mixtape for a Party, a review by Brynn Higgins-Stirrup


The summer edition of Xpace Cultural Centre’s annual program is on view for just a few more days, until August 22nd. The main space exhibition, curated by Emily Gove, features four artists whose work bridges worlds of idealized femininity with re-imagined universes of great complexity, charm and disorder. The show’s name references early the 1990s feminist zine Girl Germs, a publication whose poems, stories, and mix tape listings fostered the expansion of the Riot Grrrl movement across Canada and the United States.

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New feature! Artist’s Birthdays, posted by Michi Colacicco


It is easy to follow, but it is uninteresting to do easy things. We find out about ourselves only when we take risks, when we challenge and question.

— Magdalena Abakanowicz

Artist’s Birthdays, an ongoing series of posts by artist Michi Colacicco is a fun way to get a bit of art history into your day and mark the achievements of artists of every stripe. We launched this feature on our Facebook page with a quote and images of work by Magdalena Abakanowicz on the occasion of her birthday, which was June 20th.

Subsequent posts have featured Peter Paul Rubens, David Hockney, and Amadeo Modigliani, and we’re looking forward to many more in the upcoming year. Follow the Facebook page for birthdays as they happen, and if you’d like to see these posts in our other social media channels, let us know and we’ll look into expanding the feature accordingly.

image: Magdalena Abkanowicz, Yellow Abakan, 1967-68. Sisal.

Presenting: FLIGHTS & LANDINGS | Tamara Gayer, Christine Gedeon, Janine Miedzik

Tamara Gayer, Here Come the Bombs, 2015

TYPOLOGY is pleased to present FLIGHTS & LANDINGS, a two-part exhibition of work by three multidisciplinary artists from three different cities: Brooklyn-based Tamara Gayer, Berlin-based Christine Gedeon, and Toronto-based Janine Miedzik. Known for their visually engaging, site-responsive approaches to installation, each artist will debut a large-scale project in one of the stairwell galleries at Artscape Youngplace (the Flights), complemented by a selection of smaller artworks representing object-oriented aspects of their practices in the project space (the Landings).

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Nick Cave at The School

The School by James Prinz Photography

photo: The School’s opening celebration by James Prinz Photography

Just 13 miles up Route 9 from Hudson, in the village of Kinderhook, NY, is gallerist Jack Shainman’s latest venture, aptly named The School. Repurposed from a decommissioned Federal Revival public school built in 1929, this beautiful new exhibition venue has been thoughtfully redesigned by Spanish architect Antonio Jimenez Torrecillas into a multifaceted project space and gallery featuring work and projects by Shainman’s roster of internationally known artists.

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Dreamland: a fitting farewell to summer

And… we’re back!

It’s officially September, and perhaps you’ve spent the last week getting back to business in a most eager and industrious way, relishing the smooth efficiency and predictability that the end of summer brings after months of working around everyone’s crazy vacations (lucky you). Or, perhaps the transition has been a bit (ahem) bumpier, and you find yourself trading productivity for daydreams, reliving your experiences getting off the grid, in the air to somewhere, or conversely, back to the land.

Either way, the Textile Museum’s current exhibition, Dreamland, is a worthwhile diversion and touchstone for your early Fall art viewing, a good way to ground yourself at summer’s end, so to speak. On view through September 30th, the show ranges widely in it’s interdisciplinary approach to textiles and the Canadian landscape. Featuring both fine and folk artworks that share an expressive and intimate relationship to a particular time and place, Dreamland’s curators juxtapose the traditional and historical (hooked rugs, handkerchiefs) with the contemporary and high-tech (video, installation), challenging the viewer to make connections between them.

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Actual size: the sculptural drawings of Jannick Deslauriers and Joan Linder

Jannick Deslauriers’ recent exhibition at Show & Tell Gallery is a study in contrasts. Utilizing the lightest of materials–crinoline, tulle, lace, and organza, she constructs life-sized sculptures of physically and/or politically weighty objects such as a pair of hand grenades, a sewing machine, a typewriter, a tank. Suspended from above, the objects exert a spectral presence on the space, appearing as literal materializations of creative or destructive human impulses. Seen through this lens, an unassuming brick, rendered in terracotta-coloured crinoline and black thread, becomes a symbol of both our collective capacity to build society, and–when taken in hand and thrown through the scapegoat-of-the-moment’s window–to destroy it in turn.

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