The medium is the money: Hennessey on Hirst, Occupy George, Mark Wagner, and Gary Taxali

In the wake of Hennessey Youngman’s hilarious and pointed YouTube critique of Damien Hirst (linked below) in which Hirst gets skewered for: a) perpretrating “a perfect storm of banality”, b) oozing an unprecedented level of “Iroc-Z Axe Body Spray douchery” and  c) yes, using money as his medium, it seems an opportune moment to take a look at some other recent money-based projects as an interesting counterpoint to the art of excess.

Just yesterday, Hyperallergic profiled Occupy George, an online initiative in which infographics visualizing aspects of the economic disparity in the US have been made available for anyone to download and print onto dollar bills. The stated intent? To circulate the stamped money as much as possible, passing knowledge to all who come across the bills.

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“Tales From The Gimli Hospital” Comes Back to Haunt You

In New York this past weekend, Guy Maddin’s cult classic experienced a rebirth and transformation in its new incarnation, Tales from the Gimli Hospital: Reframed. As part of the Performa 11 New Visual Art Performance Biennial, Maddin’s frankly bizarre first film was screened to the accompaniment of new narration and singing by Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir (formerly of múm, and also known as Kria Brekkan), and live orchestration and sound effects directed by the filmmaker himself.

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