Channeling the alien (or monster, or princess) within

Last week’s Alien Mask Workshop with Marta Ryczko was a smashing success — few are able to channel that inner stranger more enthusiastically and effectively than those in the grade school set. After a brief introduction to Ryczko’s haunting Alien/Recognition images in the exhibition, everyone set to work bringing their alter egos to life. Below are some of the soulful, spooky, or silly results, reproduced in black and white as an homage to Ryczko’s original images.

Mask_bw02 Mask_bw10 Mask_bw13 Mask_bw12 Mask_bw07 Mask_bw11 Mask_bw05 Mask_bw04 Mask_bw06 Mask_bw03 from Petra from Petra

Thanks to everyone who participated in the workshop, and special thanks to artist Marta Ryczko!

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