Channeling the ocean: David Bowen’s Tele-Present Water

click image to watch video on the artist’s website

Because we do have a thing for fluid dynamics—and robots—we’re sharing this link to David Bowen’s manifestly mechanical yet viscerally evocative installation, Tele-Present Water (WRO2011). Utilizing real-time data transmitted from a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration buoy in the Pacific Ocean, Bowen’s sculpture translates wave frequency and intensity into the eerily transcendant, flowing motion you see here.

Bowen produced this kinetic work for the National Museum in Wroclaw, Poland. A similar installation, utilizing data collected from Lake Superior, is currently on view at Eyebeam as part of their summer group show, Surface Tension: The Future of Water.

See more kinetic, robotic, and interactive sculptural works on David Bowen’s website
Find more information on the Surface Tension exhibition, see Eyebeam’s website

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image: David Bowen, WRO2011, from Tele-Present Water series of installations (shown is a screenshot of the video)
via: Robey Clark and Lucy Hitchcock

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