Editions+Events: The Order of Things | Leif Low-Beer


What a great first week with our spring exhibition, The Order of Things | Leif Low-Beer. At the opening, we launched the second in our series of limited edition prints (below), as well as a large-format poster featuring Low-Beer’s sketch for his beautiful wall-based installation at TYPOLOGY (above). Both the print and poster highlight the artist’s interest in combining an astonishing diversity of hand-drawn abstractions into larger compositions that become faces, figures, couples, and crowds.


With the artist in town through the weekend, two events for diverse audiences were scheduled. On Saturday, we hosted our first Afternoon with the Artist, an informal drop-in reception for anyone who wanted to meet Leif Low-Beer and ask questions about his work and process. It was a wonderful opportunity to view the exhibition without the crowds and commotion of the opening.


On Sunday, we hosted a family-friendly sculpture workshop with the artist which began with a curator’s talk in the project space. Kids and caregivers alike were inspired by Low-Beer’s playful and inventive sculptures and drawings. The workshop itself took place in a Flex Studio on the ground floor, with plenty of room for stacking and building. Above, a detail from one of Low-Beer’s sculptural assemblages. Scroll down for some examples of the wonderful sculptures completed by workshop attendees.

Our next event is a catalogue launch on May 10, during which we will debut a full-colour limited edition publication with hand-tipped foldout insert featuring Low-Beer’s work and exhibition at TYPOLOGY. In the meantime, come see the prototype for a preview; pre-orders receive 10% off the purchase price. Stay tuned for images of the publication and the exhibition soon!

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Thanks to all the parents and caregivers who participated in the workshop and gave permission to have their kids’ photos posted on our blog. Thanks also to Marianne Alas and Luke Parsons for the amazing help!

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