Project space buildout and ERRATIC ROOM installation pics

The past several weeks have been jam-packed with building, painting, designing, printing, updating, inviting, and finally, installing Lyla Rye’s ERRATIC ROOM at the project space. Below are some photos of the buildout process and exhibition installation in progress. We’ve still got a few coats of paint and some finishing touches on the gallery space to go, but we should be in good shape for the grand opening on November 19th. Office cabinetry and furnishings won’t be in place, but who needs to sit down at an opening, right?


The original Shaw Street School building as photographed in 2010 for the Torontoist’s Unseen City series (click image for link to article).


The future home of TYPOLOGY is a half-classroom (approx 500 total sq ft) featuring original cabinetry and two 9-foot tall windows.


Demolition and remediation in progress. Artscape has undertaken a $17 million dollar renovation of this heritage building in the heart of West Queen West.


All the walls: a small office area has been carved out in front of the windows, leaving a flexible L-shaped exhibition space of approximately 325 sq ft.


View from the front door into the office area.


The drywall is in.


Fresh paint! The wall to the right contains a 10-foot high pocket door that will allow for flexible division of the space as needed.


On the punchlist: another coat of floor paint and a front desk/retail counter with bookshelf for our catalogues and editions!


The exhibition install begins.


Lyla Rye uses brightly coloured, stable videos to map out projection locations, but don’t expect to see these on opening night — the final work is composed exclusively from black and white moving images.

Stay tuned for ERRATIC ROOM exhibition and artwork images to come. Better yet, join us for one of the many upcoming events we have planned, and see the show for yourself!

Top photo by Michael Chrisman/Torontoist (cropped for this post), project space buildout photos by Shani K Parsons, exhibit install photos by Lyla Rye.

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