Farewell from TYPOLOGY; Critical Distance to come


We’ve got new postcards, so it must be official — TYPOLOGY is relaunching as Critical Distance Centre for Curators this fall!

Since June, we’ve been working behind the scenes to lay the groundwork for our transition to Critical Distance. Much of this involves the gruntwork of revising our website and social media pages to reflect our new identity, and summarizing the information we’ve gathered thus far so that we can prioritize initiatives and new programming, and provide multiple avenues for people to get involved. This preparatory work will continue through the early part of September and once complete, we will begin to reach out to everyone who has expressed an interest in participating through our roundtable discussion and online survey. (If you’re just finding us now, the survey is still open and additional responses are very welcome).

We’ll be launching our updated website and networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) soon with details on our fall exhibitions and the many exciting events, projects, and opportunities we’ve got in store for our first year as CDCC. We hope you’ll make the transition with us and follow our new pages as they go live. The website and Facebook page for TYPOLOGY will continue to exist as archives and resources for anyone interested in the history of our organization and program, although we will be sure to include current artist/curator profiles and past exhibition pages at www.criticaldistance.ca as well.

It’s been an amazing three years as TYPOLOGY and we’re looking forward to many more as Critical Distance. Thank you to everyone who’s been with us, and will be with us, as we continue to build a truly dedicated centre for curators in Toronto, Canada, and beyond.


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