Independent Curators International (ICI) profiles TYPOLOGY!


We are thrilled and honoured to be the subject of Independent Curators International’s first member Spotlight, a new feature of their quarterly update which goes out to over 500 professional and prospective curators around the world. Thanks ICI!

For over 40 years, ICI has been facilitating the production of exhibitions, events, publications, research and training opportunities for emerging and established curators, reaching over 400 cities and 55 countries so far. Connecting curators, artists, exhibition spaces, and audiences from all over, ICI is building a collaborative network that is regionally relevant while also inscribed within an international framework — a mission that perfectly mirrors our own here at TYPOLOGY.

We look forward to further engaging in the curatorial exchanges that ICI provides — through discourse, education, and exhibitions. Check out their website, which is a wonderful source of information for curators, artists, and anyone interested in contemporary art at the international level.

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