Places + Things according to Jaime Hogge

It’s a bright and sunny day here in Toronto, but we can’t stop looking at Jaime Hogge’s image of a roiling, seething Lake Ontario. One can almost feel the dramatic sweep of brushstrokes over canvas, except that this is a contemporary photograph, not an 18th century oil painting. Hogge, driving by the lakeshore last spring on his way to a shoot, felt compelled to pull over and capture this image during a massive windstorm which ultimately killed one and left 135,000 without power. It is a side of Lake Ontario rarely seen.

Hogge’s atmospheric photos are often focused on the somberly beautiful light of dark and watery days. As he states:

I typically don’t try to create images about a single idea or concept. I prefer to leave things open to interpretation as much as possible, so that different people can take different things away from it. When I’m shooting a location, I want to convey a feeling and a mood. I want to create an image that you can get lost in, without it being overcomplicated or too conceptual. I wouldn’t say I go out of my way to make things overly basic, but instead I opt for a level of realism over something fantastical.

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Good news: selected photographs are available for sale at the artist-run Mammoth & Company

images: Jaime Hogge, Water (top), and Highway 9 (bottom)

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