Victoria Fu, Self-Portrait in Sweden (still), 2005

Please join us Thursday, September 18th from 7–9 pm for the opening of our fall exhibition. Of Other Faces features sound art, video, and photography by Andrea Cohen and Wiska Radkiewicz (Paris, New York), Victoria Fu (Los Angeles), Marta Ryczko (Toronto), and Manuel Saiz (Berlin), five artists whose works employ strategies of mirroring and doubling to investigate the paradoxical nature of our dualistic world. Of Other Faces will be the first exhibition in Canada to feature work by international artists Victoria Fu and Manuel Saiz.

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Corner: John Armstrong and Paul Collins at General Hardware Contemporary

The image arrives as so many do these days, in our News Feed, onscreen. Superimposed upon nondescript boxes, thick lines in contrasting colours cross over each other, canceling the underlying image in a graphically powerful act of negation — it grabs our attention immediately. At first glance, it could be the document of a tricky installation; lines or forms projected or assembled in dimensional space, then photographed from a precise vantage point so as to resolve the fragmented reality into a convincingly flat, yet altogether illusory image. But doubt creeps in upon closer inspection, as the interplay between surface, depth, and detail begins to open the image to all manner of interpretation: are we in fact looking at a photograph of an installation, a painting of a photograph, a photograph of a painting?

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Alec Soth: Should artists be entertainers?

Taking a short break from another long day of writing, we decided to troll around for an update on the Alec Soth portrait auction announced two weeks ago via his blog, Little Brown Mushroom. In an effort to help out with medical expenses for friend and collaborator Brad Zellar, Soth is making this rare opportunity available on Ebay until November 25th. We love Soth’s work, but would never stand a chance of winning–and indeed after 8 bids by 4 individuals, the bidding stands at $8100 with g***g holding down a slim lead over the next highest bidder. Just two more days to get your bids in, folks, and all for a good cause…

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