The air up there: Kimmirut Weather and Constructed Land

Summer travels always put us in mind of the weather and its extremes. Between sunny skies, stifling heat, and sudden storms, we become exquisitely aware of the weather, and how it may impact our precious few days of vacation. We check the five-day forecast, we debate packing the rainwear, and once we’ve left, we keep tabs on the weather back home, glad to be free from the heat of the city, or sad that we are missing out on some of the best metropolitan weather in weeks.

Perhaps with this in mind, Interaccess opened their summer season with an exhibition based in the documentation of weather from the far northern territory of Nunavut. We were lucky enough to have seen Constructed Land earlier in the month and had planned to write a review of it before leaving; that didn’t happen. Now we’re back, the exhibition is closed, and we’re offering up a brief après-view instead.

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Channeling the ocean: David Bowen’s Tele-Present Water

click image to watch video on the artist’s website

Because we do have a thing for fluid dynamics—and robots—we’re sharing this link to David Bowen’s manifestly mechanical yet viscerally evocative installation, Tele-Present Water (WRO2011). Utilizing real-time data transmitted from a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration buoy in the Pacific Ocean, Bowen’s sculpture translates wave frequency and intensity into the eerily transcendant, flowing motion you see here.

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Air America: Mesmerizing wind map by hint.fm

Beautiful interactive map of the wind in motion as it flows over the US in near realtime. Click to see today’s wind patterns as well a gallery of past patterns and a link to the website of the map’s collaborative creators, Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg. Zooming and tracking create interesting effects too.

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