Channeling the ocean: David Bowen’s Tele-Present Water

click image to watch video on the artist’s website

Because we do have a thing for fluid dynamics—and robots—we’re sharing this link to David Bowen’s manifestly mechanical yet viscerally evocative installation, Tele-Present Water (WRO2011). Utilizing real-time data transmitted from a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration buoy in the Pacific Ocean, Bowen’s sculpture translates wave frequency and intensity into the eerily transcendant, flowing motion you see here.

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Air America: Mesmerizing wind map by hint.fm

Beautiful interactive map of the wind in motion as it flows over the US in near realtime. Click to see today’s wind patterns as well a gallery of past patterns and a link to the website of the map’s collaborative creators, Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg. Zooming and tracking create interesting effects too.

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Object Lessons at Proteus Gowanus

While we’re on the topic of emulation-worthy organizations (see previous post on Nudashank), we would be remiss if we didn’t profile one of the most intriguing and exciting exhibition spaces we’ve seen in a while. Proteus Gowanus, tucked into a turn-of-the-century former box factory just off its namesake canal in Brooklyn, is a fascinating mash-up of art gallery, cabinet of curiosity, history museum, natural science lab, artist’s studio, and bookstore/library. Their stated mission is to “create an alternative, culturally rich environment…where the boundaries between the artist and non-artist fade, where images and ideas from disparate disciplines are juxtaposed to create new meanings.” This delights us, as with our own focus on curatorial experimentation and wide-ranging interest in all aspects of visual culture, TYPOLOGY aspires to become a similarly hybrid space from which to stimulate dialogue and ideas between artists, art forms, images, objects, and audiences. Like a smaller, Canadian Proteus Gowanus, we’ll seek interdisciplinary collaborations to create a spirited and engaging space for exploration and discovery.

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Two to see by Sunday: Ryan Wallace at Cooper Cole and Maggie Groat at ESP

This weekend is your last chance to see two great exhibitions in Toronto, just around the corner from each other in the West End. At Cooper Cole, new work by Ryan Wallace rewards close inspection, as the deceptively simple compositions give way to a richly detailed surface rendered with layers, colours, and textures of oil paint, enamel, ink, graphite, PVA, mylar, artist tape, and cut paper.

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Butterflies in December

We saw lots of beautiful butterflies today—one of the nice things about being somewhere warm in December. So, a quick post(card) from us featuring this lovely image of a limited edition Ingo Maurer lamp festooned with butterflies, moths, and dragonflies created by artist Graham Owen.

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Carly Waito at Narwhal

Saw this today – beautiful little paintings for the magpie in all of us. Visit the link below to see more paintings (although they are far better viewed in person) and information on the artist.

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