Artists’ sketchbooks to surprise and inspire you

We’re on deadline and writing our faces off at the moment, but everyone’s gotta eat, right? This little glimpse into the sketchbooks of artists including Andy Warhol, Devendra Banhart, and Henri Matisse makes for inspiring (and satisfying) lunchtime viewing. We took a shine to Louise Bourgeois’ and Richard Serra’s pages, and were delightfully surprised by Frida Kahlo and Cy Twombly. Above, a bracing exploration by Ellsworth Kelly.

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Art by number: Ken Nicol (and Mel Bochner, and Mary Temple, and Roman Opalka)

On the tweeted advice of Leah Sandals, we stopped by MKG127 gallery for the last day of Ken Nicol’s show. Aside from an irrational desire for Cy Twombly books and a penchant for Bic four-colour pens, we personally share with Nicol a complete and not unwelcome inability to multitask. Perhaps this explains our delight in his show, titled Hundreds of Things, Volume 1, for which he executes extremely well-crafted permutations of the number 100 in a wide range of seemingly mundane, normally discarded materials. From his gallery’s website:

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What’s next for TYPOLOGY

Timed to coincide with Artscape’s groundbreaking and press announcements this past week, TYPOLOGY made its online debut. With the project space still under construction and a website in the works, it was admittedly the softest of openings, but we are thrilled to be official at last, and thankful for all the interest and support we’ve received so far.

Now that the proverbial dust has settled a bit, you may be wondering what’s in store for the coming year. We’ve been hard at work developing our programming for the first few seasons, and will continue to seek out artists, architects, designers, performers, writers, and curators with whom to collaborate on future exhibitions and events. Proposals and submissions will be accepted online once we launch our full website; in the meantime, please get in touch — we’d love to know what you’re working on.

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The Wind Paintings of Bob Verschueren

Following up today’s sublime nature theme, here are some exquisitely beautiful works from the late 1970s that blur boundaries between Land Art, painting, and photography. Utilizing terre verte, burnt umber, iron oxide and other powdered substances, Verschueren worked with the land, water, and wind to create these ephemeral images.

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Pippin Barr’s waiting game

The Artist is Present is a game in which anyone can pit themselves against a most formidable opponent—uncertainty—by participating in a virtual re-creation of Marina Abramovic’s 2010 performance at MoMA. I admit to losing the game almost immediately after starting it, but rather enjoyed game designer Pippin Barr’s own account of playing it, as well as his response to the avalanche of interest the game’s release brought his way.

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