Two to see by Sunday: Ryan Wallace at Cooper Cole and Maggie Groat at ESP

This weekend is your last chance to see two great exhibitions in Toronto, just around the corner from each other in the West End. At Cooper Cole, new work by Ryan Wallace rewards close inspection, as the deceptively simple compositions give way to a richly detailed surface rendered with layers, colours, and textures of oil paint, enamel, ink, graphite, PVA, mylar, artist tape, and cut paper.

On-screen images, including the above details, just don’t do the work justice—the series must be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

Also closing this week is a group exhibition at Erin Stump Projects (ESP), titled The Gatherer. Of the four artists in the show, Maggie Groat in particular approaches collage with the curiosity and inquisitive spirit of a field scientist, playfully collecting, categorizing, configuring, and re-configuring bits of found imagery into a catalogue of spatial and pictorial possibility.

We had previously seen Groat’s work in a small format publication, titled Studies for possible futures, that she produced in 2011. It is a delightful foray into imagined landscapes with a similar sensibility to the larger works in the gallery.

Both exhibitions close this weekend, and both galleries are open Saturday and Sunday.

More information on the exhibition at Cooper Cole
More information on the exhibition at Erin Stump Projects

See more of Ryan Wallace’s work on his website
See more of Maggie Groat’s work on her website

images, from top to bottom:

Ryan Wallace, Transmission Lines, exhibition detail, Cooper Cole Gallery, 2012; Transmission Lines, exhibition view, Cooper Cole Gallery; Polemic 6, oil, enamel, ink, graphite, PVA, mylar, artist tape, cut paper, 48″ x 37.5″, 2010; Polemic 4 (detail); detail photos by Shani K Parsons

Maggie Groat, Of Another Natural History 1, 33 x 25 inches, collage, 2011; Proposal for a Landscape44 x 34 inches, collage, 2011; Studies for possible futures, Vision #1: Lunar Commune; Vision #14; Vision #38: New Lands, 2010–2011

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